Shipping options and details

This online pharmacy ships the parcel both to domestic and international.


Free domestic shipping

If you are going to do an order of above $100 without tax and discounts you are eligible to get free shipping. Once you do a purchase, the parcel ships from New York within 3 to 4 business days. This does not include any holidays or weekends.

If the order is placed during peak season then you have to give extra shipping time. When you have purchased a product with a standard ground then you can expect the parcel within 1 to 5 business days depending upon the place where you reside in.

The advantage in choosing us is that a tracking id would be emailed to the customer after the order is dispatched. The package would be of 100% recyclable envelope which is safe for the environment and you can go green.


Worldwide shipping

If you belong to other countries then you would fall in to this category. We would be very happy to ship the product to different countries however you should keep these things in mind.

The shipping charge may vary from one place to another. The customs and the duty charge might be levied in certain part of the world. If you fall in that region then you are supposed to pay the fee. Our online pharmacy would not take any responsibility over it.

This clearly means that the import duties are not included in the amount that you pay to us. You would be required to pay import duties when you get the parcel. It is not possible for us to collect the duty fee from you as it would vary from country to country.

You can contact the custom office if you have any questions regarding this and you can get clarified.

There are some countries which ban importing certain products from other countries. You should also check about it with them.

You have to know that we would not reship or refund the money if the parcel got rejected upon arrival and the reason is your failure to pay the custom charge. There is no need for you to pay VAT however there might be other local taxes that are included.

The shipping of the package would not delay after the prescribed date. However if you did not receive the parcel then you can call to the customer care team. There is also a chance that it gets struck in the customs.

You have to wait at the maximum of twenty five days of time and only then you would be eligible to ask for the reshipping or refund option. The parcel that you get is discreetly packed and it would not contain any label on it. The package is packed in such a manner that the outer environment or temperature does not affect the efficacy of the pills. In fact, while shipping the parcel would not get damaged and your product would be completely safe.