Orderadderallxr.com Returns and Refunds

When our customer is not satisfied with the product then they can return it with 100% guarantee of reshipment or a refund. This online pharmacy knows that the items that are sold are authentic in nature. However during the shipment there are chances for certain mishaps to occur.

Those who fit under the provided category can be eligible for the returns:

  • Damage of the pills
  • No package delivered
  • Wrong package
  • No satisfaction

Damage of the medication

During the shipment, the parcel would undergo different transportation. Since this is the case, the pills might get damaged. It might be crushed or broken or damaged in any way. We know that it is not possible for you to consume these for your treatment. This is why we would reship the complete new set of tablets to your place. You just have to raise your complaint once you have received the package which contains damaged tablets.

This should be done within 15 days of time. When the complaint is raised after this span then it would not be considered.

No package delivered

If you did not receive any package at all you can contact our customer care team and inform about it. There are chances that your parcel gets stuck in the customs or it might be due to other reasons. However you need not have to bother about it.

When no package reaches your location we make sure to reship it. There is no need for you to pay any delivery charge or any money for the pills this time.

Wrong package

There are chances that you would have received the parcel but it might contain different medication that you have not ordered. The possibility for this is very much low. You have to make sure that you have ordered the right drug only. If so you are eligible to get a reshipment for free of charge.

You have to call to the customer care team within one week of time. Inform about your issue and they would do the needful.

No satisfaction

Every detail of the medication would be mentioned in the website and we guarantee that you would get the same. However when you are not 100% satisfied you can definitely ask for the reshipment.

You can call to the representative of the online pharmacy and you have to tell the appropriate reason.

This online pharmacy makes sure that you get the needed package on time. We would try to reship your order and there is no need for you to pay any money. Most of the time we would only reship the parcel however when this is not possible we would refund your money.

It might take 2 weeks of time at the maximum for your money to be refunded. We would refund complete money and we would not charge any fee here. If we have decided to reship your tablets, then this would be done within 1 to 5 business days. We make sure that you get the parcel quickly.