Orderadderallxr.com FAQ’s

Why there is a price adjustment?

In all online pharmacies, there would be price adjustments done at certain period and there are a lot of factors behind it. However, you need not have to worry at all. The cost of the medical expense for you would be seized after the payment is made. So even after there is any fluctuation in the price of the drug there will be no impact on your expense and there is no need for you to pay any extra money.

How would you know that we have received your return?

When your package that you want to return is received by us you would get an email regarding it. This confirms that the parcel reached with no issues.

What is an access point?

This can be any place which has a long working hour like groceries or any shop. You can ask us to deliver your parcel here if you want. However, we would not guarantee any shipping arrangements between your place and the access point.

How to create an account?

Go to the website and click on create an account. Fill in the details that are asked to you and create your own username and password. This account is permanent and you can use it anytime in the future.

Why your promo codes are not applied?

There are few reasons why you cannot use your promo code are:

  • Only one discount is applied to your package.
  • The promo code has crossed the expiry date
  • The provided promo code is not valid
  • You have mistakenly written a wrong code
  • Your promo code is not valid on clearance items

Why your item is missing?

You have to check on what all products that you have ordered. When two orders are made separately then it would reach your place separately only. We cannot combine two orders at once. However if you still feel anything is missing from your package then you can contact the customer care team.

Why my product is undeliverable?

If you are not able to deliver the package to our place then you can simply contact us. The customer care team would do the needful. Do not forget to write your order id on top of the parcel.

Can we send catalogs?

The catalog is already available in our website. We would not send the personalized catalog for any person. So if you want a catalog you can simply visit our website.

What is Saturday delivery?

UPS is used for Saturday delivery however not every location are available for this kind of delivery. You can check with the customer care team if your location is eligible or not prior placing the order.

When will you get a refund?

After the package is shipped back to our place you are eligible to get a refund. We would initiate your refund at this phase. It would take 2 to 5 business days for your package to reach your place. Inform us if you did not get refunded after this period.