How are Adderall Pills Supplied?

Adderall pill types
varieties of adderall tablets
Adderall pill types

Adderall is one of the essentials prescription medications available today as it helps in managing problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. The off-label uses of Adderall are many as the drug helps improve cognitive abilities too. Using Adderall should be done only under medical supervision since the drug has high potential for abuse. Also, cheap Adderall can be easily purchased by choosing an online pharmacy to purchase the pills from. Knowing what the different doses are and the way it is supplied will help the user to be familiar with Adderall. With this knowledge it will be easier to spot authentic Adderall and take the medication without any misgivings. ADHD is more common in children and their safety is of utmost importance when taking Adderall. The immediate release Adderall pills for administration are available as compressed tablets.

Adderall 5mg. This dosage is round and of white to off-white in color. The tablet has ‘5’ embossed on one side, and ‘AD’ on the other, along with small scored lines. The drug is supplied with the national drug code (NDC) 0555-0762-02.

Adderall 7.5mg. This tablet is available as a blue pill that is oval in shape and slightly convex. The drug has the imprint ‘7.5’ on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. The partially scored drug is supplied as NDC 0555-0763-02.

Adderall 10mg. The 10mg Adderall dose is supplied as a round blue tablet that is slightly convex. The drug is embossed with ‘10’ on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. A scored line helps to split the pill easily if needed. The NDC is 0555-0764-02

Adderall 12.5mg. This dosage is round and orange in color. The tablet has a partial bisect with ’12.5’ on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. The drug is supplied as NDC 0555-0765-02.

Adderall 15mg. The 15mg tablet is oval and orange. The drug has ’15’ embossed on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. There is also a fully scored line that helps to split the tablet easily. The tablet is supplied as NDC 0555-0766-02.

Adderall 20mg. This tablet is round, convex, and orange, with full and partially scored lines that help to split the pills easily. The drug has ‘20’ embossed on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. The ADHD med is supplied as NDC 0555-0767-02.

Adderall 30mg. This is a round orange tablet that has fully and partial scoring to help split the pill easily. It is embossed with ‘30’ on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. The drug is supplied as NDC 0555-0768-02

The price varies with dosage and brand. Checkout our Adderall price reduction tips to save big while purchasing them. Adderall pills are dispensed in light-resistant containers that are also air tight. Store the medication at room temperature away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep track of how many pills are being consumed as the drug should not be taken by anyone not prescribed for it. Do not keep the medication near the bathroom sink. It is recommended to store the Adderall pills in a locked cabinet that is out of reach of children and pets. Take Adderall only as intended without deviating from the treatment plan.