Why generic Adderall cost less than brand variant?

the difference between the generic and brand adderall cost

The reason for generic Adderall cost cheaper because the medication does not have any patent or not owned by a particular manufacturer. It is a basic variant from which many brand Adderall came into the market. The generic variant is the base for the all the medication so the cost of this drug is less compared to brand drug. As the brand manufacturers get a patent for this medication which is valid for a period of 20 years and within which no other companies can sell the medication. So the price of brand medication is expensive than generic pills.

What is Generic Adderall pills

These pills are manufactured by different drug manufacturing companies. The active ingredient in both the generic and the brand drug would be same hence it would provide similar effectiveness in a person. There would be differences in the size, shape, and color of the medication.

Since the research, marketing and tests are already done by the Adderall brand manufacturing company, these generic manufacturers have no big task. They just need to develop a drug similar to the brand variant and they also have to prove that it is effective on a person. Once the patent ends, a period of six months would be provided to the generic manufacturers for this process within which they have to satisfy the FDA.

You would now know that the generic variant manufacturers have no big investment and due to the high competition level, they would be able to provide the pills at a cheaper rate.

Difference in quality between Adderall brand and its generic variant

There would definitely be slight variation in the effectiveness it provides but the quality of these is always high. The quality of the generic variant also depends on the manufacturer. Individuals have to be very careful while choosing a generic Adderall. They have to make sure that the manufacturer that they chose is legitimate.

People would also try to switch from brand to generic Amphetamine. In this case, they have to wait for few days after they successfully switched the medication. This time frame is very much important for the body to get adapted to the generic variant. Only then it is possible to experience the effectiveness in you.

Generic Adderall price online and offline

There will be much difference in the price of generic Adderall from an online pharmacy and traditional brick and mortar store. Online pharmacies will be offering this medication at a much cheaper rate. It is possible to procure 180 pills with the dosage strength of 30mg at a rate of $514.80. This means that you just have to pay approximately $3 for a tablet.