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Can you take legal Adderall for ADHD treatment?

Yes, you can take legal Adderall drug for treating ADHD. Generally, this question will be raised by individuals who don’t have full knowledge of the medication. Don’t worry this blog will guide in a proper way to know more about the drug.

The ADHD pills are approved by FDA as an effective medicine to treat the ADHD problem. The medication works effectively when taken as per the prescription. To take the drug legally without facing any side effects consult the Doctor and follow the dosage prescribed in the medical script. The reason we insist you to take the treatment with proper Rx is that the medication can become habit-forming and can leads to addiction so to avoid all these you need to have a proper med script.

Taking legal Adderall for ADHD

As most of the researchers and physicians experienced that Adderall works effectively in treating ADHD problem. As per research, the medication works by affecting the natural chemicals in the central nervous system and helps the individuals to pay attention to a particular thing without any distraction.

They also certified that the drug comes under schedule II classification, because of its high potential for dependence and abuse you need to have a proper prescription to treat ADHD legally. The drug is also used to treat Narcolepsy problems.

Adderall abuse

The medication is particularly abused among college students due to the stimulants present in the drug. College students take Adderall medication for daytime wakefulness, so some individuals take additional pills to feel the medication high which leads to abuse the drug. The other reasons for abuse are that when you take other drugs along with this medication can leads to depression in the central nervous system. As the side effects of Adderall abuse is high you need to take the correct dosage without getting abuse.

How to take Legal Adderall for ADHD without getting addicted?

If you are more concerned about taking the medication legally then you need to follow the Adderall prescription which will help you to avoid getting addicted to the drug. As it is a schedule II drug it is illegal to take the treatment without a prescription. The best way to avoid addiction is by keeping a track on the dosage in taking, this would help you to avoid side effects and addiction. If you face any side effects while taking the medication then consult the medico immediately.

According to US law if any person buy Adderall without prescription then both the buyer and seller will be penalized. So take the medication with the proper medical script without facing any issues. Take only FDA approved pills for effective results.

Which Adderall Dosage Should I Take?

When it comes to Adderall dosage people become little confused on which dosage should they take to get a treat of ADHD effectively.It is based on the individual’s health condition and responsiveness to the medication. The dosage of Adderall varies for each person to take the medication as per your Doctor prescription. The following are some of the doses available common are as follows.

For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Children from the age group of 3-5 years, the initial dosage is 2.5 mg on the daily basis. A dosage of 2.5 mg will be increased gradually on a weekly interval basics based on the individual’s responsiveness.

For children above the 6 years old, the dosage strength is 5 mg. It should be taken once or twice a day. A dosage of Adderall 5mg increases gradually on a weekly basis. Only when the individual’s optimal response is poor a higher dosage strength of 40 mg is given, but this occurs in rare case. The first dose is given on awakening and the additional doses are given on a time interval of 4 to 6 hours in 1 or 2 times in a day.


The dosage for narcolepsy is usually from 5 mg to 60 mg. The doses are divided based on particular time interval in a single day. As narcolepsy problem occurs in children below 12 years. The medication should be taken as per the prescription with more attention. The recommended initial dosage from the age group of 6 to 12 per day is 5 mg. The dose may increase in the weekly basis of 5mg. For children above 12 years old, the dosage strength is 10 mg per day.The dosage also increases on the weekly basis of 10mg. As well as the dose reduces gradually as the days go on.

All the above mentioned just for your information. Do not take the dosage strength on your own as it may lead to severe side effects. Consult a medico and get a valid Adderall prescription with the prescribed dosage take the treatment effectively. The ADHD medication is also available in different forms like extended release Adderall, immediate release medication, tablet forms.

There are also different dosages available for Adderall XR pills. Take the medication once in a day as it is an extended release drug it takes 12 hours to dissolve in the system and it takes 24 hours to completely dilute from the body. So take the medication once in a day at same time. The drug works stage by stage so do not take additional pills or skip the medication.

The immediate release Adderall takes 4 to 6 hours to dissolve in the body and tablets take at least 6 hours so it should not be taken frequently.

The dosage of Adderall depends on the individual hyperactivity and body condition. So do not share the medication with another person without consulting the healthcare advice. Also if you face any side effects taking the medication then seek the Doctor immediately before the side effects get worse.

Why generic Adderall cost less than brand variant?

the difference between the generic and brand adderall cost

The reason for generic Adderall cost cheaper because the medication does not have any patent or not owned by a particular manufacturer. It is a basic variant from which many brand Adderall came into the market. The generic variant is the base for the all the medication so the cost of this drug is less compared to brand drug. As the brand manufacturers get a patent for this medication which is valid for a period of 20 years and within which no other companies can sell the medication. So the price of brand medication is expensive than generic pills.

What is Generic Adderall pills

These pills are manufactured by different drug manufacturing companies. The active ingredient in both the generic and the brand drug would be same hence it would provide similar effectiveness in a person. There would be differences in the size, shape, and color of the medication.

Since the research, marketing and tests are already done by the Adderall brand manufacturing company, these generic manufacturers have no big task. They just need to develop a drug similar to the brand variant and they also have to prove that it is effective on a person. Once the patent ends, a period of six months would be provided to the generic manufacturers for this process within which they have to satisfy the FDA.

You would now know that the generic variant manufacturers have no big investment and due to the high competition level, they would be able to provide the pills at a cheaper rate.

Difference in quality between Adderall brand and its generic variant

There would definitely be slight variation in the effectiveness it provides but the quality of these is always high. The quality of the generic variant also depends on the manufacturer. Individuals have to be very careful while choosing a generic Adderall. They have to make sure that the manufacturer that they chose is legitimate.

People would also try to switch from brand to generic Amphetamine. In this case, they have to wait for few days after they successfully switched the medication. This time frame is very much important for the body to get adapted to the generic variant. Only then it is possible to experience the effectiveness in you.

Generic Adderall price online and offline

There will be much difference in the price of generic Adderall from an online pharmacy and traditional brick and mortar store. Online pharmacies will be offering this medication at a much cheaper rate. It is possible to procure 180 pills with the dosage strength of 30mg at a rate of $514.80. This means that you just have to pay approximately $3 for a tablet.

Top questions to ask a Doctor while Getting Prescribed Adderall

clarify adderall related questions with customer care executiveAdderall is a wonderful medication that treats different medical ailment. Reading this blog would help a person to ask the appropriate questions to the health care professional before getting prescribed Adderall online.

  1. What are the medical conditions that Adderall treats?

Adderall medication can be taken by patients who are suffering either from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or narcolepsy. This drug is also taken by people for off label uses.

2. Do I require a prescription for this drug?

Yes, you definitely need an Adderall prescription if you want to take the pills to treat a condition. As it is a prescription only drug you should not take it without a medical script.

3. Would the medication cause ill effects in a person?

The ADHD medication is known to trigger both minor and major side effects in a person. Some people might get affected by the negative effects and few would not suffer from any. This totally depends on the body condition and the way you take the medication.

4. How to avoid Adderall interactions with other drugs?

Drug interactions are very much common when an allopathic medication is taken. To avoid the drug interactions inform the physician pioneer so they will suggest to change the time when the pill is taken or alter the dosage strength.

5.Can I prefer my own dosage strength?

No, you should not take the dose on your own as the dosage strength depends on the severity of the medical condition and the tolerance. So, only the medico would be the right person to pick the dose for you based on your health condition.


6. How to take Adderall pills?

The Adderall pills should be taken with water by mouth as per the prescription. Generally, it would be prescribed to be taken two to three times. Always the first dose should be taken as soon as the patients get up from the sleep in the morning.

7.Can I smoke or drink while on taking the ADHD medication?

No, you are not supposed to smoke or drink when you are taking the pills as it not only decreases the effectiveness of the medication but it also would cause ill effects.

8.Can I increase the dosage strength without doctor consultation?

Increasing, doubling or decreasing the Adderall dosage strength is not advisable at all without getting advice from the healthcare professional. As the dosage strength of the medication increases gradually and decreases based on the schedule chart.

9.Is there any procedure to halt the medication?

Yes, they are certain procedure to halt the drug, as it should not be aborted abruptly. You have to ask the doctor on how to do it. Usually, it would be advised to stop slowly and steadily after decreasing the dosage of Adderall.

10.Would I get any allergic reactions while taking the ADHD pills?

Some people who are allergic to the active ingredients Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine might get allergic. So, it is essential to check the history of the person to find out whether he or she had experienced any kind of allergies when a medication is taken.

11.Can I share the pills with my friends?

You are not supposed to share the drug with the known people even though they are suffering from the similar medical condition. Consult with the Doctor and then share the medication with others.

12.Can I buy Legal Adderall Online?

Yes, you can buy legal Adderall online by choosing an authentic online pharmacy and purchasing the FDA approved drug with proper prescription.

13. Is it necessary to store the medication at proper place?

The Adderall pills should be kept in an air tight container away from excessive light, heat and moisture.

14. Can I take Adderall pills while breast feeding?

It is not known whether the medication would pass on to the baby or not hence it is not advisable to take Adderall medication both during pregnancy or while breast feeding. Only in few cases where the benefits are more than the risks with this medication.


adderall information

Everything you ever wanted to know about Adderall

adderall information
adderall information

Before taking a medication, it is a good idea to know about it in detail. That is why we have prepared this blog so that when a person reads this he or she would come to know completely about Adderall medication.

Active ingredients- This medication is a combination of two active ingredients such as amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Both these are the stimulants which acts on the central nervous system. It affects certain natural chemicals in the brain which is responsible for hyperactivity and impulse control.

Administration of Adderall pills- The medication should be taken as instructed to you by the health care professional. If you are prescribed with extended release capsules then you should not break it and swallow it as a whole. This wakefulness promoting agent should not be taken few hours before going to sleep as it would make you to stay alert and would not let you to sleep.

Overdosing of Adderall- If you overdose the medication it would cause negative effects in the body so it is an immediate need to get medical help. This activity would save you from getting the ill effects from worsening.

What are the dosage strengths available in Adderall drug?

Adderall medication is available in different dosage strengths such as 5mg, 7.5mg, 10mg, 12.5mg, 15mg, 20mg, 25mg and 30mg.

Adderall dosage for Adults with Narcolepsy- Take the pill with10mg dose after you got up in the morning. The dosage strength can be increased 10mg every week until it becomes 60mg. This maintenance dose should be taken in two to three divided doses per day.

Adderall adult dosage strength for ADHD- If you are going to take this medication for the first time then you can start with 20mg for a day.

Pediatric dose for Narcolepsy-

  1. If the child’s age is between 6 and 12, then Adderall with 5mg would be given in the morning. The dose can be increased 5mg every week until the doctor finds the best maximum dosage strength for the day. One of the divided doses can be taken as soon as the child gets awake in the morning and the other dosage strengths can be administered at different intervals.
  2. If the pediatric patient is above 12 years then 10mg would be the suitable starting dose. It can be increased 10mg every week till it gets increased to the appropriate maintenance dose. Take the Adderall divided doses with equal intervals.

Pediatric dose for ADHD-

  1. If the child age is between 3 and 5 then the initial Adderall dosage strength would be 2.5mg in the morning. The maximum dose per day would not exceed 40mg. Increase the Adderall dose weekly on a steady manner.
  2. If the pediatric patient’s age is between 6 and 12 then the initial dose would be 5mg to 10mg and the maximum dose is 30mg in a day.
  3. Patients who belong to the age group 13 to 17 can take 10mg as their initial dose. With the advice of a doctor, the Adderall dosage strength can be increased. The maximum dose for the day would be only 20mg.

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Adderall pill types

How are Adderall Pills Supplied?

varieties of adderall tablets
Adderall pill types

Adderall is one of the essentials prescription medications available today as it helps in managing problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. The off-label uses of Adderall are many as the drug helps improve cognitive abilities too. Using Adderall should be done only under medical supervision since the drug has high potential for abuse. Also, cheap Adderall can be easily purchased by choosing an online pharmacy to purchase the pills from. Knowing what the different doses are and the way it is supplied will help the user to be familiar with Adderall. With this knowledge it will be easier to spot authentic Adderall and take the medication without any misgivings. ADHD is more common in children and their safety is of utmost importance when taking Adderall. The immediate release Adderall pills for administration are available as compressed tablets.

Adderall 5mg. This dosage is round and of white to off-white in color. The tablet has ‘5’ embossed on one side, and ‘AD’ on the other, along with small scored lines. The drug is supplied with the national drug code (NDC) 0555-0762-02.

Adderall 7.5mg. This tablet is available as a blue pill that is oval in shape and slightly convex. The drug has the imprint ‘7.5’ on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. The partially scored drug is supplied as NDC 0555-0763-02.

Adderall 10mg. The 10mg Adderall dose is supplied as a round blue tablet that is slightly convex. The drug is embossed with ‘10’ on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. A scored line helps to split the pill easily if needed. The NDC is 0555-0764-02

Adderall 12.5mg. This dosage is round and orange in color. The tablet has a partial bisect with ’12.5’ on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. The drug is supplied as NDC 0555-0765-02.

Adderall 15mg. The 15mg tablet is oval and orange. The drug has ’15’ embossed on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. There is also a fully scored line that helps to split the tablet easily. The tablet is supplied as NDC 0555-0766-02.

Adderall 20mg. This tablet is round, convex, and orange, with full and partially scored lines that help to split the pills easily. The drug has ‘20’ embossed on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. The ADHD med is supplied as NDC 0555-0767-02.

Adderall 30mg. This is a round orange tablet that has fully and partial scoring to help split the pill easily. It is embossed with ‘30’ on one side and ‘AD’ on the other. The drug is supplied as NDC 0555-0768-02

The price varies with dosage and brand. Checkout our Adderall price reduction tips to save big while purchasing them. Adderall pills are dispensed in light-resistant containers that are also air tight. Store the medication at room temperature away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep track of how many pills are being consumed as the drug should not be taken by anyone not prescribed for it. Do not keep the medication near the bathroom sink. It is recommended to store the Adderall pills in a locked cabinet that is out of reach of children and pets. Take Adderall only as intended without deviating from the treatment plan.

Does Magnesium really help to Re-establish Adderall Tolerance?

people discussing about Adderall

As your body becomes used to Adderall medication, the tolerance to the medication will be developed in your body. As a result, you need to increase the dosage under your Medico supervision. Some individuals suggest to take magnesium supplement along with the medication to reduce Adderall tolerance. But still no authorities or researchers have proven this theory so, take the drug only after the Doctor advice.

Many individuals who are currently on course of therapy with Amphetamine brand can certify that although initially the medication brings focus and attention to the users and alleviate the conditions of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy (a tendency to fall asleep in the middle of the day or anywhere the surroundings seem to be pleasant), this effect slowly dwindles away and eventually the users can hit a proverbial “rock bottom”, in the sense that even the highest dose would not be enough to provide the required effect.

Effects of magnesium and Adderall tolerance

Some of the strategies like supplements,dosing adjustments, and medications that might prolong the Adderall dependency. But the drug consistently provides favorable and consistent effects to its users, perhaps for a month or so. Only after using the medicine for a long time, the users will start to experience lower levels of focus and memory enhancement that they noticed in the beginning. The user can first make dosage adjustment by choosing to buy Adderall online in higher dosage.

So how does magnesium come into the picture? Before knowing how magnesium can benefit in delaying the Adderall dependency, it is important to know why tolerance actually happens. The primary cause which accounts for a higher percentage of Adderall tolerance would be the alteration that is caused by the NMDA receptors (The N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor) due to the increased influx of calcium ions. To beat away the effects take an NMDA antagonist would be the best component. NMDA antagonists is one of the best among other supplements. It will prevent the increase of calcium ions if it is taken along with the medication. Since magnesium is also a natural supplement it would not cause the adverse side effects that other pharmaceutical products cause.

Some users have also reported that by taking magnesium supplements their symptoms of ADHD were improved even faster. However, this is the feedback given by the people who have actually taken the pill. The effect of concomitant administration of magnesium and Adderall needs more conclusive studies. On the other hand, there is more than enough research to suggest that people suffering from ADHD have lower levels of magnesium compared to their peers who do not have ADHD. So taking magnesium with Adderall will actually bring two benefits which are delaying intolerance level and fulfilling the magnesium deficiency factor of ADHD people.

What is the best way to take the combination of Adderall and magnesium?

The best way to take the magnesium supplement would be along with the Adderall dosage, meaning with the same dosing interval. But to determine the optimal dosage strength of magnesium, a little bit of experimentation is required. You might also need to take some blood tests before finalizing the dosage of the supplement as well as Adderall medication. Even though it is a supplement you should not take it in higher doses and the upper limit would be 350 mg per day. The ideal approach would be to consult a doctor and get his approval prior to making any changes to your medicine intake.


Provigil vs Adderall? Which medication to buy for ADHD?

adderall pills vs provigil capsule

Provigil medication is new entrant into the market. When this medication is taken, the fatigue is removed but the edginess felt with psychostimulants is removed. This medication is also much safer than amphetamines but the core inattentive symptoms which are faced by ADHD patients are not that effectively solved with this pill.

What are the differences between Provigil and Adderall

  • Adderall medication increases the concentration and makes the person more goals oriented, whereas, Provigil increases the arousal and wakefulness of the person. The negative effects which are felt due to sleep deprivation on the cognitive functions are reduced and prevented due to brand Modafinil.
  • Adderall for ADHD may be approved for patients as an effective drug but the latter medication that is brand Modafinil helps patients who have chronic fatigue syndrome, shift work sleep disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness and more
  • Adderall promotes catecholamine release whereas Provigil involves GABA catecholamine and histamine and the gaps between the neurons.
  • The effects of the stimulants present in the medication can likely lead to Adderall dependency or even abuse, however, Provigil has almost negligible chances of abuse.
  • Adderall side effects are higher in number when compared to Provigil ADHD pills.


Comparison between Provigil and Adderall

When the person is given Amphetamine medication, the cognitive enhancing effects were seen. However, when the persons were given Modafinil brand, the vigilance, impulse control, working memory, sustained attention and other cognitive parameters were enhanced.

Adderall has a moderate risk with regards to neurotoxicity that is related to dopamine. Whereas with Provigil drug, the risk is low. The medication acts on different chemicals in the brain simultaneously so,the desired stimulation is achieved which helps the person to be alert and awake that makes them more motivated and they are able to give off an increased productivity. It helps to elevate the mood and to increase focus for a long period of time and that is the reason why the doctors recommend to buy Provigil for ADHD.

Amphetamine brand, on the other hand, works on the norepinephrine, dopamine as well as the serotonin neurotransmitters and so psycho-stimulation is produced. Therefore those suffering from ADD or ADHD are benefited as their mind is calmer.

When a person takes brand Modafinil it works like a stimulant and those suffering from ADD as well as ADHD find they are able to concentrate and focus better and longer. It increases energy levels as well. Other than fatigue reduction, stimulation or wakefulness effects the medication is said work similar in effect to Adderall. In other words, the users felt that this was a lighter version of the same medication.


Both the ADHD medication helps in treating narcolepsy as well as those who suffer from ADD and ADHD. They are both powerful when it comes to enhancing cognitive skills. However, the users who have taken brand Amphetamine medication are known to feel either on edge or even burned out when the effects of the drug wear out. However, those Modafinil brand users do not feel the emotional crash or burn out. Therefore it can safely be assumed that Provigil pills are better than Adderall drug.


How Adderall loss of appetite occurs?

Adderall primarily suppresses your appetite levels by elevating the levels of neurotransmitter by name serotonin. This neurotransmitter plays a crucial role in influencing the mood of an individual, which subsequently ensures fullness causing a drastic decrease in the appetite levels. People can get hold of Adderall Online from mail order pharmacies which strive to provide genuine drugs at a low price.

In what ways does Adderall loss of Appetite impacts the neurotransmitter?


Adderall doesn’t impact all neurotransmitters present in the brain. Indeed, its impact is confined only to specific neurotransmitters, most predominantly serotonin. Perhaps, its focus is centered on the synaptic cleft of the brain. The amphetamine and dextroamphetamine salts contained in the Adderall doesn’t encourage the re-uptake process of serotonin neurotransmitters, rather it stimulates the release of serotonin from the nerve terminal of the presynaptic region of the brain. Certain research findings also indicate that Adderall increases the dopamine levels, which is turn sends signals of satisfaction to the brain. This action forces the brain to perceive fullness resulting in reduced appetite levels. This is the way that Adderall weight loss occurs in an individual body.

Why does increase in serotonin results in Adderall loss of Appetite?

According to medical experts, the elevated levels of serotonin influences the secretion and conversion process of certain substances like starch. The conversion process happens in such a way that, dietary starch gets converted to sugar, and this increase in the levels of sugar prompts pancreas to release insulin in great measure. The subsequent effect of which the appetite levels are completely controlled and the hunger cravings get reduced to a greater extent. Reduced appetite levels are very much common in pediatrics who order Adderall and consume it.

Is Weight Loss with Adderall a right choice?

Though not scientifically recommended, Adderall medication can be consumed to suppress the appetite levels provided if taken in the right dosage strength. The medication should not be taken for a prolonged period of time or be overdosed for weight loss with Adderall in a month. This defeats the prime purpose of Adderall being used for treating ADHD in children and adults. However, people with any underlying medical ailment should not opt for Adderall given the possibility of adverse effects it can cause in the body. Though appetite loss is one of the side effects of this medication, taking the medication intentionally for lowering the appetite levels and to lose weight is not the preferred option, as it can cause other side effects.

Is reducing the hunger levels with Adderall is as effective as like other diet pills?

Of course yes. The only difference is that Adderall appetite suppressant is not recommended for a longer period of time. Whereas, other diet pills can be taken for a prolonged period of time. According to research findings, appetite levels can be controlled to a greater extent with this medication. In other words, Adderall appetite suppressant properties are more or less equivalent to that of other diet pills. The medications off late has become a popular appetite suppressant pill as there are an increasing number of men and women who take this drug to control their hunger cravings. To be on the safer side, it is wise to discontinue the medication beyond a certain period of time as it may leads to unwanted side effects.