Adderall or Provigil? Which medication to buy for ADHD?

adderall vs provigilProvigil is a new entrant into the market. When Provigil is taken, the fatigue is removed but the edginess felt with psychostimulants is removed. Provigil is also much safer than amphetamines but the core inattentive symptoms which are faced by ADHD patients are not that effectively solved with Provigil.

What are the differences between Adderall and Provigil

  • Adderall increases the concentration and makes the person more goals oriented, whereas, Provigil increases the arousal and wakefulness of the person. The negative effects which are felt due to sleep deprivation on the cognitive functions are reduced and prevented due to Provigil.
  • Adderall may be approved for ADHD patients but Provigil helps patients who have chronic fatigue syndrome, shift work sleep disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness and more
  • Adderall promotes catecholamine release whereas Provigil involves GABA catecholamine and histamine and the gaps between the neurons.
  • Adderall is more prone to lead to dependence or even abuse however Provigil has almost negligible chances of abuse.
  • Adderall has a number of adverse effects than Provigil.

Comparison between Provigil and Adderall

When the person is given Adderall, the cognitive enhancing effects were seen. However, when the persons were given Provigil, the vigilance, impulse control, working memory, sustained attention and other cognitive parameters were enhanced.
Adderall has a moderate risk with regards to neurotoxicity that is related to dopamine. Whereas with Provigil, the risk is low.
Provigil acts on different brain processes simultaneously and so the desired stimulation is achieved and therefore the person is very much awake and alert and the person gets more motivated and is able to give off an increased productivity. It helps to elevate the mood and to increase focus for a long period of time and that is the reason why the doctors recommend to buy Provigil for ADHD.
Adderall, on the other hand, works on the norepinephrine, dopamine as well as the serotonin neurotransmitters and so psycho-stimulation is produced. Therefore those suffering from ADD or ADHD are benefitted as their mind is calmer.

Benefits of Provigil

When a person takes Provigil it works like a stimulant and those suffering from ADD as well as ADHD find they are able to concentrate and focus better and longer. It increases energy levels as well. In fact, Provigil is said to be similar in effect to Adderall however minus the fatigue reduction, stimulation or the wakefulness effect. In other words, the users felt that this was a lighter version of the same medication.


Both these drugs help in treating narcolepsy as well as those who suffer from ADD and ADHD. They are both powerful when it comes to enhancing cognitive skills. However, the users who have taken Adderall are known to feel either on edge or even burned out when the effects of the drug wear out. However, those Provigil users do not feel the emotional crash or burn out. Therefore it can safely be assumed that Provigil is a better drug than Adderall.