Does Magnesium really help to Re-establish Adderall Tolerance?

adderall tolerance
adderall tolerance

Many individuals who are currently on course of therapy with Adderall can certify that although initially Adderall brings focus and attention to the users and alleviate the conditions of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy (a tendency to fall asleep in the middle of the day or anywhere the surroundings seem to be pleasant), this effect slowly dwindles away and eventually the users can hit a proverbial “rock bottom”, in the sense that even the highest dose would not be enough to provide the required effect. So are they ways to counteract the tolerance that body creates towards Adderall?

Effects of magnesium on Adderall tolerance

There are many strategies such as dosing adjustments, supplements, and medications that might prolong the dependency on Adderall. But Adderall consistently provides favorable and consistent effects to its users, perhaps for a month or so. Only after using the medicine for a long time, the users will start to experience lower levels of focus and memory enhancement that they noticed in the beginning. The user can first make dosage adjustment by choosing to buy Adderall online in higher dosage.

So how does magnesium come into the picture? Before knowing how magnesium can benefit in delaying the dependency on Adderall, it is important to know why tolerance actually happens. The primary cause which accounts for a higher percentage of Adderall tolerance would be the alteration that is caused in the NMDA receptors (The N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor) due to the increased influx of calcium ions. So a NMDA antagonist would be the best component to beat the effects. Among other supplements, magnesium is one of the effective NMDA antagonists. It will prevent the increase of calcium ions if it is taken along with Adderall medication. Since magnesium is also a natural supplement it would not cause the adverse side effects that other pharmaceutical products cause.

Some users have also reported that by taking magnesium supplements their symptoms of ADHD were improved even faster. However, this is the feedback given by the people who have actually taken the pill. The effect of concomitant administration of magnesium and Adderall needs more conclusive studies. On the other hand, there is more than enough research to suggest that people suffering from ADHD have lower levels of magnesium compared to their peers who do not have ADHD. So taking magnesium supplements will actually bring two benefits which are delaying Adderall tolerance and fulfilling the magnesium deficiency factor of ADHD people.

What is the best way to take the combination of Adderall and magnesium?

The best way to take the magnesium supplement would be along with the Adderall dosage, meaning with the same dosing interval. But to determine the optimal dosage strength of magnesium, a little bit of experimentation is required. You might also need to take some blood tests before finalizing the dosage of the supplement as well as Adderall. Even though it is a supplement you should not take it in higher doses and the upper limit would be 350 mg per day. The ideal approach would be to consult a doctor and get his approval prior to making any changes to your medicine intake.